About Us

MILITO is a sub- branding of BELLEZA Essential Benita Group Company offering a wide range of beauty and skin care products. The different products lines involve care lists for treatment of the face and body.

MILITO Founded in 2015, specializes in the development and international distribution of dermo-cosmetic products. We are keen to offer you the quintessence by selecting innovative ingredients of the highest quality. Recipes are evolved formed on research and clinically researched and tested components with make a point of high standards, aspects and advantages. Using powerful ingredients with safety regulations while considering environmental consciousness and an influence.


We put our know-how at the service of your skin thanks to our 9 ranges of care, prescribed by doctors, pharmacists and dermatologists by meeting the specific needs of your skin. Developed in Spain and manufactured %100 by European expert laboratories and dermatologically tested with the utmost care, MILITO products restore and sublimate your skin day after day. Our ongoing quality requirement is successful thanks to the collaboration and unwavering commitment of a whole chain ranging from developer chemists, prescribers, production technicians, regulatory inspectors and toxicologists, the marketing team and of course all our distributors and their delegate teams.


We promised to provide products with real results and value of life to our purchaser. First through continuous remodeling aimed at growing up to date beauty skin care products.


Expertness and revolution High-quality and wide variety of care solutions Genuine and morals